By Mr Randezvou

I consider myself a world traveler having visited 6 continents and 65 countries around the world. Of course, before I would take anyone on a trip like this I would have to get to know them very well because you just can’t bail so quickly like if you were at a movie or restaurant. Ok, I’m joking! Here’s a list of my favorites in order.

  1. Costa Rica – I learned to surf in Jaco, waterfall rappelled in Arenal, explored and hike the jungles of Manuel Antonio National Park and actually observed Arenal Volcano erupt. Monkeys everywhere!!! If you go you will benefit by renting a 4X4. Pura Vida Costa Rica!!!
  1. Thailand – While in Bangkok you must see all the temples, watch some real Muay Thai boxing and shop the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Take a short flight to Phuket and there you will have the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, play with tigers and ride an elephant through the jungle. Trust me she will love you!
  1. Hawaii, USAMaui – Go to Haleakalā National Park before sunrise, don’t forget to take a sweater and camera. Another suggestion is a romantic road trip on the Hana Highway and don’t forget to take a picnic basket. Do not take the road that swings around cliffs on a one way dirt road. DON’T DO IT!!! Did I say you can see the famous humpback whales there? There I said it. Kauai – take a helicopter ride and see the Pacific’s Waimea “GRAND” Canyon State Park – Breathless. Oahu – Is my favorite place. I’m going to mention names because you don’t want to read a novel:  Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head State Monument, Hanauma Bay, Waikiki Beach, Manoa Falls & my favorite is a short road trip to North Shores to watch the world champion surfers do it and for God’s sake pick up the hitch hikers with surf boards!! There is much to say and do in Hawaii.
  1. Philippines – While in Manila, I jumped into their aquarium with the sharks. What a rush! Boracay – This place was voted the best beach in the world a while back. It hasn’t changed much. There are so many activities to do there and it will definitely keep you busy for at least a week. El Nido is one of the best places I’ve been to. It is worth the flight and 5 hour drive. You can actually rent your own island for about $100 bucks a night and they will return to make you 3 meals a day! The water there is crystal clear and it will make for the best memories. Use your imagination of what you can do there.
  1. Paris, France – What woman doesn’t want to go to Paris? The Eiffel Tower is an incredible romantic place to visit. You are very likely to see a couple getting married there or taking photos. Who doesn’t want to see the Mona Lisa at the Musee du Louvre. Another incredible place to see is the Musee d’Orsay. Paris is one of the most romantic places to visit.


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